I have published a new dictionary on linguistic terms for English, German, Russian and Serbocroatian in the dictionary system of the Portal for East European Studies. All 2,600 headwords are annotated thematically.

Glossary of Linguistic Terms

Download the overlay

GoogleEarth-overlay_osteuropaeische-geschichte.kmz (22 MB)

This GoogleEarth overlay contains historical and scientific maps edited by me on various East European regions.

The maps in detail:

    • Russia 1300-1796
    • Austria-Hungary 1899 political
    • Austria-Hungary peoples
    • Poland-Lituania 1569
    • Partitions of Poland 1772-1795
    • Poland 1812
    • General map Poland-Galicia-Volhynia
    • Eastern Prussia ca. 1800
    • Bukovina 1901
    • Governorate Podolia
    • Transylvania 1857


What the European Union says about my future profession:

The language industry has been less affected by the economic crisis than other sectors, according to a study carried out for the European Commission. The study, the first to analyse the size of the language industry EU-wide, covers translation, interpreting, localising and globalising, subtitling and dubbing, language technology tools, multilingual conference organisation and language teaching. It puts EU-wide turnover at EUR 8.4 billion (2008). This is set to increase by at least 10  % annually, over the next few years, to between EUR 16.5 billion and EUR 20 billion by 2015. This is one of the highest growth rates in EU industry. [...] (Source: http://europa.eu/rapid/pressReleasesAction.do?reference=IP/09/1828&format=HTML&aged=0&language=EN)

Webcast of the conference at which the study is presented (Flash / Quicktime)

The text of the study (PDF)

Following book shops have been checked in octobre 2012 for books on language as for instance on Russian and foreign language courses, Russian as a foreigner, dictionaries, everything between phonetics and text linguistics, translation theory etc. In this list I put additional details for translation scholars.

  1. Biblio-Globus (rating: 5/5)
    Best shop for language, both in quality and quantity. Even better: antiquarian books of relevant Soviet classics among new books. The bookseller obviously knows the subject. Find it on the second floor, hall/зал 14.
    For translation studies refer to English section/секция 02, shelf/шкаф 14, case/полка 03 to 08 and furthermore one shelf case in the German section
  2. Dom knigi, main branch (rating: 4/5)
    Good selection on language. Go to the second floor. Translation studies have an own shelf close to the German section.
  3. Book shops (not public) at the Moscow State University, Faculty of Philology, ground floor (rating 3/5)

Other book shops that were checked are not generally bad and might be good for books on other fields, see comments:

Check also the exhaustive Rudimimo State Library of Foreign Literature which has amongst others a linguistic department on the 2nd floor. Membership is free of charge.

Besides the add-ons Zotero and LibX I would like to recommend some plugins for the browser search bar.

On the web site Mycroft Project - Search Engine Plugins - Dictionaries you can choose from 30 plugins which are relevant for Russian language.

The site offers plugins for corpora, script converters, monolingual and multilingual dictionaries.

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