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I - Meta Dictionary for Russian

This dictionary offers a joint search panel for a number of Russian dictionaries on the net. Go to the dictionary

II - Slavic Diachronic Dictionary

A dictionary system with focus on Protoslavic, (Old) Church Slavonic, Old Russian, Old Ukrainian and etymology with 123,000 headwords. Go to the dictionary


 III - Electronic Dictionaries

Download dictionaries on (Old) Church Slavonic, Old Russian and linguistics for offline use in ABBYY Lingvo or GoldenDict. Go to the download page

IV - Dictionary bookmarklets

Bookmarklets for Russian, Bulgarian, Macedonian and Danish containing a selection of high quality monolingual and bilingual online dictionaries and some corpora.

With the use of the bookmarklets a dictionary menu will appear on your browser screen. Any word you enter in this menu (or any word you have selected from a web site before) can be looked up in one or more online dictionaries which are listed below the input field. Go to the dictionary bookmarklets

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