1. Whois


Whois-record (site owner) lookup of the actual web site with networktools.nl.

Both whois-pro.com and domaintools.com have similar bookmarklets for whois requests.

2. Internet Archive

Internet Archive

Archive lookup of the actual web site with archive.org.

3. Cache

Following two bookmarklets show a cached version of the actual web site. Useful for temporary offline sites.

Google Cache


The service Coral is specialised on this function:

Coral Cache[source of this bookmarklet]

4. Plagiarism


Copyscape provides a free plagiarism checker for finding copies of a web pages online.

5. Images

ImgOps The Image operations meta-tool also has a bookmarklet.

6. Print and PDF

PrintFriendly's bookmarklet cleans and formats web pages for printing and creates PDFs. You can try its funtionality by clicking on the PRINT/PDF button in the right upper corner here on this web page.

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