2013/08/17 Added Unified Church Slavonic (UCS-8) as source

2013/08/16 Added some text and transliteration examples to welcome page.

2013/08/15 Added ALA-LC and scientific as sources (for conversion and reverse transliteration); adapt advanced settings in targets Russian (1700-1918), Scientific and ALA-LC to cases where source is ALA-LC or Scientific

2013/07/31 New option for resolving titlo-abbreviations with the help of a word list (e.g. чл҃к => человѣк, 500 words); added option for determining й as weither i kratkoe, or i with grave.

2013/07/29 Added Hyperinvariant Presentation (HIP) format as source; New possibility for keeping stress marks only.

2013/07/25 Added cleanup for letter-titlos (Unicode Cyrillic Extended-A Codepage); added missing characters (mostly from Unicode Cyrillic Extended-B Codepage); made kamora above n/r/l palatalised; added optional punctuation moderniser; optimised virtual keyboard.

2013/07/24 Added optional cleanup for modifiers and accents - "delete diacritics".

2013/07/15 Beta-Release

To-Do List

  • Add short introduction to welcome page
  • Option for palatal n/r/l before vowel (ligature and i)
  • Option for blended YUS
  • Handle monoocular and binocular characters
  • Other missing characters from chap. 3+4: Birnbaum, Everson et al. (2007). Proposal to encode additional Cyrillic characters in the BMP of the UCS
  • UCS and HIP-format as targets (+option for keeping source formatting)

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