This bookmarklet supports research in Slavonic historical linguistics with focus on Old Church Slavonic and Old Russian. It offers a selection of lexical and grammatical dictionaries, corpora, a transliteration function and a virtual keyboard for historical Cyrillic characters.

By clicking the bookmarklet from your bookmarks toolbar, a dictionary menu will appear on your browser screen. Any word you enter in this menu (or any word you have selected from a web site before) can be looked up in one or more online dictionaries which are listed below the input field. You can also look up a specific word on a web site by selecting it with the cursor and then running the bookmarklet bookmarklet afterwards by clicking on it.

OCS dicts Old Church Slavonic dictionaries, corpora, Cyrillic input and transliteration

It's easiest to understand the concept of the bookmarklet by simply clicking this DEMO.

Standalone font operations

The OCS font converting functions for websites are available as standalones:

OCS font Converts the current website on click for display with an Old Church Slavonic font


Ѹ҆зрѣ́въ же наро́ды, взы́де на горꙋ̀: и҆ сѣ́дшꙋ є҆мꙋ̀, пристꙋпи́ша къ немꙋ̀ ѹ҆чн҃цы̀ є҆гѡ̀.

The bookmarklet gets a webfont from Ponomar Slavonic Compu­ting and applies it to the current website. The default font "Monomakh Unicode". Adjust this by changing the order of the fonts within the bookmarklet's address. Available fonts are "Ponomar Unicode", "Pochaevsk Unicode", "Triodion Unicode", "Acathist", "Fedorovsk Unicode" and "Menaion Unicode". The common OCS fonts "KurKlim", "Bukyvede", "Kliment Std", "Dilyana" and "Lazov" are listed, too but have to be installed on the computer first.

OCS font dev Converts the current website on click for display with "FiraSlav", a monospaced OCS font for developers. All diacritical marks and combining letters are presented as spacing symbols and a monospaced appearance is maintained.


Ѹ҆зрѣ́въ же наро́ды, взы́де на горꙋ̀: и҆ сѣ́дшꙋ є҆мꙋ̀, пристꙋпи́ша къ немꙋ̀ ѹ҆чн҃цы̀ є҆гѡ̀.

To use the bookmarklet, you'll have to drag the button into your bookmarks toolbar. A right-click"save as bookmark" would also make it. Important is that it will be saved as a bookmark.

Additional information

Read more about what bookmarklets are.

The bookmarklet virtually work with any browser on almost any web site except on Facebook.

By clicking on the icon next to the input field a virtual keyboard will appear which eases typing historical Cyrillic characters.

Technical information

This weblink calls the JavaScript language file and applies it to the current web site. Furthermore the script calls the files keyboard.js, keyboard.css, style.css and bigger.css from the same directory. Consequently, the bookmarklets will only work with an established internet connection.

The bookmarklet may be downloaded from GitHub. You may edit and use it in other places e.g. on your own server.

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