Download thesis The Case of hodit' in Parallel Corpora

This study will examine the prefixed derivates from the verb of motion (VoM) ходить and analyse their translations to German by focusing on the problem of determining the correct meaning of individual forms and possible irregularities in the translation.

The study shows that prefixed verbs that are otherwise identical can be homonyms with meanings that are independent from each other. This is because of the different grammatical and lexical processes that have accordingly led to an ambiguous form. The goal of this thesis is to begin by illustrating the problem of homonymy of forms caused by aspect and aktionsart. After having done so, the issue will be considered in light of the problems that can arise in the comprehension and translation of homonymous forms by analysing actual text material from Russian text corpora. I will endeavour to locate regularities in their translation and thereby examine the demands on theory and corpora.

The analysis will also investigate how effectively the theoretical background of Isačenko’s theory on aspect and aktionsart can be applied to corpus linguistics.

A showcase of my corpus database may be accessed at

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