CyrAcademisator is a transliteration tool for Russian texts.

CyrAcademisator was made especially for academic use at universities and for research purposes. It makes possible a fast conversion of Russian texts to established scientific transliteration styles. A conversion back to Cyrillic is possible, as it is possible to convert from one transliteration to another. Old Church Slavonic and Old Russian characters are recognized and can be entered into the text field with a provided virtual Russian keyboard. Due to missing standardisations of some older characters in most of the transliteration styles, CyrAcademisator provides an individual report with information on possible misconversions and their reasons.

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CyrAcademisator - Documentation

Features of CyrAcademisator

Transliteration of Russian Cyrillic texts from and to

  • ISO/R 9
  • ISO 9 / GOST 7.79A
  • GOST 7.79B
  • Scientific transliteration
  • ALA-LC (diacritics)
  • BGN / PCGN with interpuncts
  • British Standard
  • Translit

Transliteration of Russian Cyrillic texts to

  • ALA-LC without diacritics
  • BGN / PCGN without interpuncts
  • Duden (German)
  • Dansk Sprognævn (Danish)

More features

  • Automatic detection of input style
  • Recognition of Old Church Slavonic and Old Russian characters
  • Virtual Russian keyboard with support of Old Church Slavonic and Old Russian characters (Javascript)
  • Conversion between all transliteration styles
  • Transliterations may be converted back to Cyrillic
  • Spell check for Russian and English (Javascript)
  • Direct lookup in relevant dictionaries and corpora (except Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, Javascript)
  • Advanced settings for input and output, for example
    • Transliteration of either Russian Church Slavonic or Old Church Slavonic
    • Change settings for variants of transliteration styles
    • Detailed report on transliteration problems (especially useful for old characters)

Planned features

  • Recognition of Old Slavonic interpunction
  • Recognition of Old Slavonic diacritics
  • Transliteration of Church Slavonic numerals
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